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Copy and registering .ocx in OI10

I am creating a startup that copies the .ocx files to be registered to c:\revsoft\oiclient_10 and then doing a regsvr32.

I have done this for OI9 32bit (srputil.ocx) but, when looking at doing for OI10 I only see SRPUtilities.dll ,not (say)srputil64.ocx, so, how do I register this.?


  • Just googled and now I see you can register a .dll file also.
    So that solves my OI10 problem BUT, what should I be registering in OI9 - srputil.ocx or SRPUtilities.dll ?
  • I'm probably speaking out of turn but I've never registered either.
    Only srpcontrols.ocx
  • OI10 requires SRP Controls 64bit which you can download from the product page: https://products.srpcs.com/srp-controls-pro/

    SRP Utilities 64bit can be downloaded from the SRP Utilities product page: https://products.srpcs.com/srp-utilities/

    SRPUtil.ocx also has a 64bit version which you can download from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cvyr7x7gdq7wcua/SRPUtil64.ocx

    You only need to register the OCX controls, not the DLL. You just have to make sure that if you are using OI10 you are also using the SRP 64bit controls.
  • Also forgot to mention, if you run into issues with registering, please review Kevin's blog post about how to register 64-bit controls and potentially needing VC++ Runtime Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 installed. https://blog.srpcs.com/64-bit-releases-are-here/
  • @CorbyNagel Strange, why is not SRPUtil64.ocx part of the SRP utilities install. Noway anyone would go looking for it that dropbox location.
  • edited May 2020
    If I recall correctly, that is because the SRPUtil files (both 32-bit and 64-bit) are supporting OCX files for SRP Editor and other tools. It is not required for SRP Utilities.

    I will also add that Kevin and Don can provide more details on that front if I am missing anything. It is a holiday here in the US so they might not reply back until tomorrow.
  • SRPUtil.ocx (32 bit) and SRPUtil64.ocx (64-bit) are the same thing as SRPControls.ocx and SRPControl64.ocx respectively. They are used by SRP Editor and other SRP tools. We created them so that when we install or upgrade SRP Editor, we don't override your copy of SRPControls.ocx. You only need to deploy and register SRPUtil if you want to use SRP Editor on the target machine.

    SRPUtilities.dll is not related to SRPUtil.ocx, and as Corby mentioned, SRPUtilities.dll does not need to be registered.
  • @BarryStevens - Corby and Kevin have provided you the technical answers you need. However, it might be helpful to know exactly which SRP products (i.e., as listed on our products site, not the underlying OCX/DLL files) you intend to include in your OpenInsight 10 system. This will help us to provide you a comprehensive list of files you need to consider.
  • Does the srp editor install perform the registration of the SRPUtil.ocx as part of the process or are you meant to do that manually?
  • The official installer (not the RDK) will perform the registration of SRPUtil.ocx after it copies the file into your local OI folder. However, we still recommend relocating the file to a local folder and re-registering if you are running this on a network and/or if multiple clients are using the file.
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