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Archived version SRPUTILITIES 1.6.1

Evening SRP!

Would I be able to get a link to download the archived 1.6.1 version of the Utilities. I clobbered a client trying to upgrade them and need to reset them back to their previosuly running version for the time being :(


  • Legend Corby! Worked a treat.
  • @Opto_Will - is there a bug in the new release or is there a backwards compatibility issue?
  • I was just trying to work that out Don.

    I am noting they are definately a little on the older side. Running OI 9.4.3 and SRP Frameworks 16.0.6

    I was trying to update them to the latest HTTPFramework and SRPUtilities so we can serve them some APIs. I had installed the latest HTTP Framework before I remembered the UTC date fixes from a couple of versions ago required the latest Utilities for SRP_DATE so I installed that too. The moment I did I got this on login:

  • My first guess is that the DLL didn't get updated.
  • This is out of a copy I made of their system once i restored with Corby's linked archive version to get them running again so I was the only one using it and hence no locking od the DLL file. I am actually in the habit of removing/renaming the DLL now pre-update and then checking the existance/version post-update. before, after.
  • Are you using SRP_List in your code? If so, can you post a snippet so we can test it here? If you aren't using SRP_List, please send me a screenshot of the Call Stack so I can see what might be calling it indirectly.
  • Not in our code. Call stack is:

  • Can you check to see if you have more than one copy of $SRP_LIST in the SYSOBJ table? You should at least have the one in SYSPROG, but you might have another in a local app like $SRP_LIST*OPTO or similar.
  • Correct! $SRP_LIST*OPTO . How did I miss that???
  • Better question...how did it get there? It is clear you have source code from the debugger. I guess we must have supplied a copy of the source some time in the past for troubleshooting purposes and this has been recompiled in the OPTO application. If you delete this record and reinstall the latest SRP Utilities I think it should work. However, I suggest looking for other records in SYSOBJ starting with $SRP and ending in *OPTO and removing them as well.
  • Once upon a time long long ago, perhaps, before the Age of Will. It is certainly is not present in our current version.

    I will have a look for other instances.

    I can now login with the latest Utilities installed.
    Thank you again for doing that voodoo, that you do, so well!
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