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Checkboxes disappear when reconnect sdp-session

SPR EditTable version 4.1.3
On a desktop we are connected to a terminal-server.
In this session we have OpenInsight running with visible checkboxes in an EditTable.
We disconnect the RDP -session, OI keeps running.
Then we reconnect the RDP-session with a laptop.
The checkbox column is there, but without checkboxes, and without checks. (blank column)
The checkboxes still function, but are not visible.
Restarting the form = no success.
Restarting OI = success

Any idea?

Regards Ed


  • edited November 2020
    My guess is that your RDP's emulation of uxtheme.dll was failing, which is what the edit table uses to draw UI elements.

    I can't work around these kinds of RDP issues. I've had RDPs suddenly give incorrect SIZE property values. The edit table uses the uxtheme.dll to determine if a theme is available. Then it calls functions in that dll to draw the checkbox. If the dll says the theme is available but then fails to draw it, there's not much I can do. I already have fallback code to manually draw checkboxes if there is no theme, but the system is telling the edit table there is one.

    I'd consider restarting the server to clear our anything that could be tripping up uxtheme.dll. The only other thing I could offer is a way to disable theming, but then everything will render like Windows 95.
  • Ed,

    What server version is the terminal server? Do you have the Windows Desktop Experience feature enabled for terminal servers?
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