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Size property null

Not sure what I am doing wrong but the SIZE property for a splitter control on a MDI Child window returns null.

Any ideas?


  • I'm assuming this is running on a virtual machine or remote desktop. I don't have control over the SIZE property, OI does. All the SIZE property does is ask Window's what the control dimensions are. We've learned that in some remote desktop situations, which emulate a lot of Win32 API stuff, that the API call is failing at the Win32 level.

    A restart of the machine might fix it, but it's entirely out of the programmer's hands. If the API calls fail, there is little you can do.
  • I'm inclined to think there is something else going on. Even when the SIZE property values are off, values should still be returned. A null (or empty) value makes me wonder if there is a typo.
  • SRP.Splitter.1 had not been saved in the text field.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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