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  • That is working now for horizontal (most of the time), and for vertical (sometimes it does, often it does not).

    Horizontal works more often the vertical.

    I also when tiling I get a brief message "window already exists" flash in the status line.

    Any ideas?
  • Also, sometimes the mdichilds do not fit in to the entire mdi frame. A gap is left at the right and bottom.

    I am currently using the Ret_Val = Send_Event(@Window,"TILE",0) method. I am going to try with the Send_Message method instead.
  • edited January 2021
    Send_Message seems to work better. I did see one tile vertical fail, it only tiled one of two windows. I think is something to do with the size of the windows.
  • The gap likely happens when you call the TILE method while there are scroll bars in the MDICLIENT.

    I don't see the sporadic behavior, but then again, my tests are on a simple Frame form on a clean copy of OI.
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