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Installation strange behaviour

edited February 25 in SRP HTTP Framework
Just installed v.
We are missing "Title" and "Description" if we step through the preconfigured resources.
The bottom buttons from the resources page is also visible on the Settings and Authentication pages.
We are unable to rename a resource, we don't get the editline...

What's wrong here?


  • Hello Ed,

    I have edited your post to remove the RDK. In the future, please be careful when uploading or linking to products that have RDKs since that allows non-licensed people to get access to source code. Don will follow up with you regarding the issue you are running into.
  • Ed - I'm not sure why you are not getting proper behavior. The visual issues are also strange, although some of the problems you are seeing are because you have the form shorter than its optimal height. Is there a reason you have resized it or is it that way because your resolution is small? Either way, I'm going to send you a link for the latest release to see if this resolves most of your problems.
  • For those monitoring this thread, the problem ended up being due to an outdated version of SRPControls.ocx.
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