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In the vertical view the column with the day hours, and horizontal the row with the day hours...
It would be nice if we could set these in a 24-hour notation. We don't have AM/PM in The Netherlands.


  • You want to experiment with the Layout property, which allows you to define where data elements appear, how they are rendered, and--most importantly to your cause--how date & time are formatted.

    The easiest way to get started is to read the Layout property and change the formats. The Layout property documentation details your formatting options.
  • Hey Kevin,
    I'm talking about the LeftTimeBar and RightTimeBar.
    The "Layout" property has 2 types: APPTDATA and FLAGS, we don't see how we can use "Layout" to change the format of the hours in the timebars...
  • Yes, I realized what you meant after I posted. I'm working on a new property that will toggle 24-hour notation. How do you typically render midnight? 0:00? 24:00? Or either way?
  • fmt(0,"MT")
  • Download this version and re-register the OCX. It has a new property called TimeBarAMPM. Set it to 0 to Netherlandize your timebar. :)

    Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_SCHEDULE", "OLE.TimeBarAMPM", 0)
  • Thanks Kevin, it works!
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