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version woes search, and search to replace

Build 4/20/21 8:21am - Find: As I type into the edit line a dropdown list appears immediately containing previous search words. Example where the dropdown has many items, including "PAYNOW_RETURN" 1. wish I could clear that list, or one or more items in that list. 2. The matching items in that list try to help my entry. But, it is not case-sensitive. Say I wish to find "paynow". As I type "pay" the box replaces my entry with "PAYNOW_RETURN" where the "NOW_RETURN" is in a dark background. It should not have matched because my entry was all lower-case. (I tried checking Match Case to no effect) If I continue to type "now" it is replaced with upper-case "NOW", and "_RETURN" is in a dark background. In other editors I can hit the Delete key and the remaining "_RETURN" would disappear so the search is for only "PAYNOW". But, when I hit the Delete key the editline shows "PAYNOW". But to tab or cursor to the Find Next button and the editline shows "PAYNOW_RETURN"! Similar misbehavior in Search in both editline boxes. 3. I tried to cursor within the editline and if did not work as I expected. - Dave


  • 1. You can modify the previously searched list by editing the Registry values in this Key:

    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SRP\SRPEditor\{path to OI folder}\{appID}\FIND

    The (Default) key stores the number of previous matches, so you can just change that value to a smaller number and the list will be truncated. I'm not sure what happens if you remove one of the values and do not close the gap.
  • 2. I can duplicate this behavior. We'll discuss internally and come back with a response.
    3. I'm not sure what you mean here. I take it that "to cursor" means to use the mouse to put the cursor somewhere. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "did not work as I expected"?
  • edited April 2021
    "to cursor" meant I had been in the edit line. Then a press of the Tab, or a click to button Find Next.
  • Thanks. So this is really an extension of what you reported in point #2. That is, you cursor to another control and the auto-filled text returns even though you had deleted it using the Delete key.
  • 3. meant if I meant to go to the end of the text in the editline I press the End key. It should position the cursor on the end of the text, but sometimes it elsewhere in the editline.
  • Hmmm...I can't duplicate that.
  • SRP Editor 3.3.1 can be downloaded here. The Find/Replace windows no longer do autocomplete. We agreed that it was causing more problems than solving them. The dropdown is still available, but you can now type whatever you want.
  • Thanks, this morning I tried 3.3.1. The Find/Replace without the autocomplete works fine.
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