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Error message after installing and running Unicode OIPI

When trying to run a report after installing the program, I am receiving the following message:


  • Can you confirm if the SRPUnicodeOIPI.dll file is in your OI folder?
  • Is this the first time you've installed some version of Unicode OIPI? Because EngineRunning is not something SRP_SET_PRINTER_DIRECT calls. Make sure there are not multiple versions of $SRP_SET_PRINTER_DIRECT in SYSOBJ.
  • It was not, I re-installed and it is there now. Still having the same issue with the report processing getting to 100% but no preview window with report.
  • After debugging the program, when getting to the INIT_OIPI routine this is the message I received:

  • Let's make sure everything is routing to SRP Unicode OIPI.

    From a command line, call GET_PRINTER("CURRAPI") and make sure the return value is "SRP". If you get "OI", then you need to call SET_PRINTER("CURRAPI", "SRP"). If you get back "", then you need to call SRP_UNICODEOIPI_SETUP.
  • I get the message "GET_PRINTER("CURRAPI") NOT SUPPORTED. -- 03/29/2022 04:49:05 PM
  • Run SRP_UNICODEOIPI_SETUP then. No parameters.
  • Ran successfully.
  • SRP_UNICODEOIPI_SETUP ran successfully? Or do you mean the report is working now?
  • After running it again, I am receiving the error message "Invalid class string"
  • So it worked, and then it didn't? Does restarting OI cause it to work again, or did it only work once never to work again?
  • Sorry Kevin, running SRP_UNICODEOIPI_SETUP worked. I have not been able to run any reports. This is the error I am receiving now.
  • After installing the SRP_Unicode_OIPI_Install from the RDS server, the preview is now working.
  • How about printing through RDP?
  • Interesting. I wonder if the previous install just didn't take. We've sometimes run into that, particularly if the installer thinks things are locked.

    Let me know if any other issues arise.
  • When printing I received this error message. On preview paging is off.
  • Unfortunately, I can't really tell you why this is happening from here with this information. I'd want a copy of your system to troubleshoot further. Email me at kfournier@srpcs.com if you want to start that process.
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