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Drag 'n Drop

Is there anyway of performing a drag'n'drop between cells.
OR, is there anyway known to do this on an OI10 edittable.


  • BarryStevens - I have been monitoring the discussion regarding the OI 10 edittable. I think Carl's answer is self-explanatory.

    The SRP EditTable does not support drag'n'drop but you might be able to emulate it. I think I recall someone doing just that.
  • @BarryStevens - This thread doesn't exactly discuss drag'n'drop, but it does provide some methods that might be suitable for emulating it.
  • >>might be able to emulate it

    Yep, that was the word I was thinking of.
    I thought Carl was just explaing that the the control was OLE and not that it cant be done. So, are you saying that it cant be done because it is OLE, I am sure there are apps out there that have drag/Drop in their edittables.

    OR, am I missing something here - as usual.
  • OK, I will check out the thread
  • Carl was simply explaining to you that the term "OLE" when used to explain drag-n-drop methodology has nothing to do with the term "OLE" when used to describe how the control was written.

    The EditTable in OI is not written using "OLE" technology but the SRP EditTable is.

    Supporting drag-n-drop uses "OLE" technology, but this isn't automatic and it appears that Carl simply hasn't implemented this yet in OI 10. SRP has never supported this for various reasons. It isn't that it can't be done, but simply hasn't been done.
  • Ah, thanks, that explains it better.
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