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SRP Editor v3.3.x

received the following error when opening SRP editor in OI. Editor v3.3.0, Win10 22H2 b.19045.2364
x64, OI v9.4.6 x32, dotNet v4.5, remote workstation - VM, VPN - CISCO AnyConnect, RDP to \\dev sandbox, Server MS20xx (unknown). Workstation crashed, after bouncing the VM workstation, CLICK OI Dev desktop shortcut, OI application manager displays, CLICK SRP editor pb - side tool bar, SRP starts opening and then drops to debugger. Please advise. TIA.


  • Something is very wrong. It appears OpenInsight's CLIENTSIZE property is not returning anything. That's a low-level catastrophic issue. One possibility is that the VM's emulation layer is not correctly emulating the API that CLIENTSIZE uses to get the dimensions of a form's client area. I've seen that happen on some occasions. Maybe a VM server restart?
  • I have bounced the VM workstation and RDP workstations, but I suspect when the workstation crashed, something might have taken a hit in SRP as it was trying to boot when it crashed. I was wondering if I re-install SRP editor, it that might solve, as I think the "crash" has left some residue and I think it hit the SRP editor. As I doubt Help Desk will bounce the VM server for this, that might affect too many users during business hours.
  • A few random ideas.

    1. When doing RDP, go into RDP settings - Display - Display configuration and set it to a known, working resolution rather than Full Screen. This is just in case the Full Screen settings is passing a weird resolution setting through.

    2. Check Windows Even logs on the crashed VM workstation and see if there is any log for the crash event. They normally are not extremely helpful but worth a quick review.

    3. It might be worth asking Help Desk to shutdown and restart the VM instance. I know it sounds weird but I swear a Windows restart still has some cached settings saved that a full shutdown/start up clears out.
  • Thanks Corby, checked the logs and its does indicate an interrupt/ABEND - but no more information than I already knew, so I just bounced everything RDP/VM , let it sit for a bit, cleared registry, cache, even emptied recycle bin, after all that, booted, one device at a time, as I suspected something in cache or the like that needed to be refreshed, so refreshed where I could and it seems to be working now. And yes, I am a guilty of "full screen" mode in RDP; yep, yep, I am. Thanks for the suggestions, as when you posted, I got to thinking...has to be residue somewhere.
  • Coincidentally I had a similar, if not the same error within the last two weeks myself.
    I thought I had taken a screenshot of it to "deal with later" but apparently not.
    I was bogged down trying to get something important completed quickly and didn't have time to look into it.
    I restarted OI and it hasn't reoccurred.

    What I do remember:
    RDP into client.
    SRP Editor going to debugger with non-numeric data error.

    What I think I remember
    I was trying to open a record but maybe it was a routine

    What I don't recall
    The specific function that failed
    ...but it was an SRP one and there was no source viewable in the debugger.
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