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Axialis icons

I noticed some of the XML for the ribbon control uses Axialis icons. They seem to offer a bunch of different icon sets in BMP, Vector, Flat etc. formats would you recommended any of them in particular?

Or a different vendor for that matter?


  • We've purchased most, if not all, of the raster flat format packs before the vector packs were made available. We like the Axialis brand and style, but the vendor does not really make much of a difference. The most important issue is uniformity. If you start to mix different vendors it will become obvious.

    If you want truly minimalistic designs then we also recommend Font Awesome.
  • Thanks Don, I will take a look at these.
  • Yes, those will work. Any package with the supported image types will work just fine.

    FWIW, we use the Pure Flat icon sets as these have a more of a modern Office aesthetic:

  • OK, I'll go with the Pure Flat ones.
  • My co-worker likes this vector set:
    If I was to use this set which icons, should I use for the ribbon? It has choices of 1x 2x 3x 4x and large and small with in each of those.
    Thanks for the help, btw I like the ribbon a lot, should have used this ages ago.
  • I have not used their vector products so I am not sure how to answer. Perhaps Kevin has some thoughts.
  • Jim - I downloaded the sample set from that page. In the ribbon control for SRP Frameworks, we use the 32x32 png files for large button images, and the 16x16 png for the small images. In the sample set, that would be in the png folder "1x", large folder is the 32x32 and small is the 16x16.
  • After looking at the sample file, I found the following.

    16x16 small.
    32x32 large.

    32x32 small.
    64x64 large.

    48x48 small.
    96x96 large.

    64x64 small.
    128x128 large.
  • I have tried 1x 2x 3x and 4x and all seem to look the same (or at least on my monitor they look the same) should I just use 4x? Or would 1x be the best choice?
  • Perfect thanks Kevin, that's what I will do.
  • Thanks Frank, I thought that was Kevin replying.
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