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Remote desktop

We have a user that wants to install OI 9.4 on a server then use remote desktop to run OI as a remote desktop app from a remote client machine. They want to do this with 40 different remote users on this one install of OI, that is 40 remote desktop sessions at once.

The OI app will use very little CPU, it's not doing very much.

What kind of machine would be required to support this CPU, memory?


  • There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer for this, but you're already on the right path based on the fact that the application doesn't use much CPU. It all depends on application usage. When users are processing reports or performing actions like selections or printing, they can tie up a CPU core and cause performance issues for other users on the systems. You should probably start out with at least 8 CPU cores but depending on usage 16 might be beneficial to ensure that a few users don't hang up or go into a loop and start to lock up the other sessions who are still working.

    Regarding memory, 100 MB for each user should be enough at a minimum but you should look at the memory usage of oinsight.exe while users are accessing the application because the memory will fluctuate depending on user activity.

    Since you don't have a baseline of how the application runs on a terminal server you'll want to monitor the application for a period of time to see how the CPU and memory usage is at peak times of user activity to see if more or less is required.

    Since this is a new application for a terminal server deployment, you might also consider Parallels Remote Application Server, which can provide the application to the user in such a way that it looks like it's running right on the user's desktop instead of through a Remote Desktop window. This is especially helpful if users have to switch back and forth from the application to other application on the local desktop. If you would like a demonstration of this or be interested in pay-as-you-go user pricing, please let me know.
  • Thank you that helps.
  • Jared,

    Yes, we would be interested in seeing a demonstration.

    Could you contact Andy Gilman , andygilman@waterloo-software.com he is expecting an email from you.
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