Welcome to the SRP Forum! Please refer to the SRP Forum FAQ post if you have any questions regarding how the forum works.


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Welcome to the SRP Forum. Below are a list of common questions and helpful tips on how to use the SRP Forum.

Q. How do I attach a picture or other file to a post?
A. Simply drag and drop an image, or any other file for that matter, into the forum editor area and it will upload the image. Only certain file types are currently supported ('txt','jpg','jpeg','gif','png', 'bmp', 'tiff', 'ico', 'zip','gz','tar.gz','tgz','psd','ai','fla','swf','pdf','doc','xls','ppt','docx','xlsx','log','rar','7z') and there is a maximum upload of 10MB.

Q. How do I enter specialized code snippets?
A. Under the format button, choose "code". This will apply a special style for code snippets.


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    Q. How do I subscribe to threads and can I automatically subscribe to all threads?
    A. Category subscriptions are managed under your User Profile - Notification Preferences. If you would like to receive notifications when new discussions are posted, choose the Discussions options. If you would like to receive notifications when comments are made, choose the Comments options.

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