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My Reports Table broke between 3.1.3 and 3.1.4

This is how it looks using 3.1.3.

This is what happened when I switched to 3.1.4.

I no Like!


  • Bob,

    At first glance it appears the Preview type of the ColumnList property is no longer working. I just now realized it is affecting some of my screens as well. I am sure we'll look into this and come up with a fix shortly.
  • Bob,

    Upon further testing, I think what is happening is that the PreviewMode property is now defaulting to False instead of True. As a quick workaround you can add the following code after your ColumnList property:
    Set_Property(Ctrl, "OLE.PreviewMode", 1)
  • Don is correct. The error has to do with the new support for themes. Apparently, when a theme is set, the preview mode is reset to 0. Since I recently added logic to set the theme during creation after I initialize the preview mode, the result was that preview mode was 0 be default as well.

    I've fixed it for next release, ensuring it defaults to 1 and is not altered when setting the the Theme property. For now, Don's work-around works.
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