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Checkbox alignment

Using the latest version of the individual reporttable control (I only just downloaded it the other day), I can't seem to get the checkbox alignment to be anything other than left.

I have a column that will contain nothing but a checkbox and I'd really prefer to centre it rather than have excess real estate to the right of it not being used.

Could this be a sequencing issue though I'm not sure what could be getting in the way?


  • Mark,

    I might be able to dig into this and have a better reply by the time you read this, but I wanted to quickly confirm something. Are you saying that this used to work with an older version of the control but now it is not?
  • Hey Don.
    No I don't know about earlier versions. Was just clarifying which version I was using.
    Help doco says you can do it but I can't seem to.
  • Mark,

    It does appear that the ColumnCheckBoxAlignment property is not working. I have created a support ticket for this: OLE-86.

    In the meantime, does the ColumnList property do what you want? If you set attribute 16 to the alignment value you want this should work.
  • No. The columnlist property doesn't work. I expect without trying that that would align the text if you were to have text as well as checkbox.
  • Mark,

    Would you be so kind as to post a screen shot of what you are seeing? I think I am a bit confused as to what you are getting versus what you are expecting. Also, your setup code would be handy so I can compare.
  • More than happy to provide you with a screenshot or I could re-read and actually try what you suggested.

    Seems that works too.

    Nothing to see here... Move along.
  • For the record, the ColumnCheckBoxAlignment property has been fixed and will work correctly in the next release.
  • Thanks Kev
  • Whoops!

    Yes indeed the ColumnCheckboxAlignment property works.
    By my own copy/paste screwup I found that it also works for images, so where you want to align an image within a column, use ColumnCheckboxAlignment .

    However, ColumnAlignment doesn't seem to work for columns that are not of type 'text'. Setting the alignment via the ColumnList property does work.

    Setting the ColumnCheckboxAlignment property to anything on a column that is not text and does not have a checkbox actually sets the alignment of the column to the 'Left'. In this case, that's what I wanted so it works for me.

    So personally, I'm all good but seems there are some undocumented features at play here.
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