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Engine server


Is there some technical documentation about using the SRP Engine server.
At the moment we use 7 warehouse wince barcode scanners and 20 ipads connecting an oengineserver.
This is done through an apache webserver by executing php-script.
This works, but debugging is hell.
Maybe SRP has a more elegant solution.



  • Technical document will be forthcoming, but I can also direct you immediately on this product.

    The SRP Engine Server is a fire-and-forget design. It does not return results from requests. I'm not sure if this will meet your needs. We use it for tasks that can run 100% asynchronously, such as batch data processing or synchronizing to SQL databases. Your scanners, as I understand it, need back-and-forth communication.

    What in particular is making the debugging so painful? Is it the OEngineServer or the fact that the back end is Apache/PHP instead of OI?
  • Hi,
    The problem is that connecting to a oengineserver, you're unable to step through the code in a debug mode.

  • Ed,

    In theory it is possible to call the SRP Engine Server from a process that does not originate within a Basic+ routine, but that is not the original design. We posted some technical help for your review. As you can see, the assumption is that you will be using a stored procedure to manage the SRP Engine Server. Therefore it might not be a workable solution for you.

    Perhaps your environment prohibits you from configuring the OpenInsight EngineServer for debug purposes, but it certainly is possible. You have to launch it from a command line rather than as a service.
  • Hi,
    Yes, I had that command line thing once running. But i only saw the in/out going through.
    What you call the SRP EngineServer, i already use that with apache. (WebApi) Just like calling google maps distancematrix.

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