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Popup containing an image

edited December 2016 in SRP Popup Control
We use your popup control to display information that is pertinent to the item a user hovers over. The user can customize the source of this information. One user just set the itemlist value to be a local jpg file and it displays the file.

A few questions:
Is it possible to scale the image?
Does it support pdf?
Does this image need to be the first item in the list?


  • Is it possible to scale the image?

    No, the ItemList / Item properties do not support enhanced rendering capabilities for images.

    Does it support pdf?

    No, our image library does not support PDF.

    Does this image need to be the first item in the list?

    That should not be a requirement. Are you experiencing something different or were you just asking to make sure?
  • Understood and understood.
    I was asking to make sure no issues occurred if it wasn't the first item in the list.
    FYI the customer has been playing with it and just said "I figured it out and it works tremendously! "
  • That's what we like to hear! It would wonderful if you were able to post screen shots of your customer-facing configuration tool and an example of how this looks run the SRP Popup is displaying item information.
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