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Server/RemoteDeskTop setup

I have a server with ip address

I have terminal server with IP address (says: DNS / IP

I have SRPSyncServer running on server

Run test via rdt access wont connect

call set_property(SrpDirectConnectCtrl,"OLE.Server",Server)

if I run SRPSyncServer on the remote desktop and change IPAddress=, then it works.

How should I be connecting in this situation so that OI run on server from desktops and OI run (exserver) from remote desktop can 'talk'?

If I need to dynamically chang ipadrees, can I find ip address from OI.?


  • *If I need to dynamically change IPAddress, can I find ip address from OI.?
  • Are you sure that port is open? Regarding the IP address question, were none of the responses provided to you on the Rev forum helpful?
  • Hello Barry,
    I have SRPSyncServer running on server
    The "server" in your example, is it the server?

    I would highly recommend against doing dynamic IP addresses for servers. They should be on static IPs and they should never change from those IP addresses unless there is a very good reason (new server, IP range change, etc).

    That being said, if you knew the Host name of the server you should be able to PING that and get the IP address of the server that way. I think you can either do this with the Ping Statement or through Command Prompt via SRP_Run_Command but I haven't tried it yet.
  • Is it safe to assume that in your actual code you are putting quotes around the IP address?

    I'll have to let our resident Networking gurus speak to other issues. From a software standpoint, all that matters is that the client can see the server via the IP and Port. If there are proxies or port routings in affect, than you have to take that into account.
  • Don
    Regarding the IP address question, were none of the responses provided to you on the Rev forum helpful?
    Posted here before I saw it.
  • I was assuming that I would have to detect if running as rdt to use that ip address for the OLE.Server

    and if from pc dekstop , then, IPAddress=""

    I know I am missing something here but I don't know what.

    How is the communication being done when you have OI on a server being accessed on local network.
    and also being accessed remotely via remote desktop.?

    How is the connection between a rdk and local done if ip addresses are different, is it the port.
    Would not the 25000 port on the RDT be different to the port on the server.

    What am I missing and how do I set this up to work to send a 'message' to an OI form running on remote desktop to a OI forma running on a local network via the same copy of OI.

    Hope from all this you can follow the setup, just normal, nothing special.
  • The first thing we need to clear up is that the SRP Sync Server does not have to be on the same machine that is hosting OpenInsight. It can run on any machine that is visible to all clients. Normally it is on the same server as OpenInsight for convenience and management purposes, but that is a design decision that you get to make.

    Remote Desktop is no different than a regular client workstation. As long as the OpenInsight session can see the machine (i.e., IP and Port) where you are running the SRP Sync Server, then you should be in good shape.

    I think you are confused about the way IP and Ports work. From the client, you need to tell OI via the OLE.Server property which IP and Port the SRP Sync Server is running on. From the server (i.e., the machine running the SRP Sync Server), you need to confirm that this same IP is correct and the Port is open and available. Also, on the server, make sure the firewall is not blocking this port.
  • Don,

    That is definitely how I understood it to work and how I have setup and am testing.
    Therefore I would say the issue must be the port.
    How do I test from my remotedesktop access that it can see the 25000 port on the server?
  • OK, worked the port testing out.
    25000 was not listening.
    Changed to listening port, connect is OK.

    Thank you all
  • Hello Barry,

    Good to hear!

    FYI, for you or anyone else watching the issue, you can use a port scanning software called NMap (https://nmap.org/download.html) to scan for what ports are opening on any given IP address. This has helped us in the past when trying to confirm if the problem is a server configuration or software issue.

    Just be careful when using NMap if there is DDoS or scan detection software installed on the server as it might set off some alarms. I would recommend you let IT know about it before scanning. Also make sure you only put in the IP address of the machine you want to scan else you could end up port scanning all the machines in a network.

    Thank you.
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