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Who is the forum for?

I found this forum when looking for a OpenInsight forum. Is that what this is or is it only for users of Products from SRP.

I could not find anything on this site to tell me.


  • Hello and welcome to our forum. I believe Corby already emailed you privately but you asked a good question so I'll post a public response. Primarily this forum is for SRP product customers, but we welcome anybody in the OpenInsight (or, more broadly, Revelation) community to post questions, comments, or answers. In that regard we want to be another outlet for users and developers to have at their disposal.
  • Hello Derek,

    I just sent you an email answering the question you included with the forum application but you posted this before I could send the email off. To answer your questions, we are a development house for OpenInsight and have also designed controls and utilities that integrate into OpenInsight. While we do answer general OpenInsight questions on this forum, the main intent of this forum is a support outlet for our controls and utilities. If you would like to find more information about our controls or utilities, you can go this our product website here: https://products.srpcs.com/

    If you want the official Revelation OpenInsight forum, it is located on revelations website. There is the general support forum or if you are a WORKS subscriber, there is that forum. Here is a link to the support page on the Revelation website: https://www.revelation.com/index.php/support
  • Many thanks.

    Perhaps this is one for the your FAQ page :-)

    I didn't want to be asking a lot of general OpenInsight questions if this was really a forum for SRP customers (of which I am not), I'd feel like I was abusing your hospitality!

    However as you seem like a friendly bunch I may post the occasional newbie question.

    I will check out the official forum - as I'm not a Works subscriber I was under the false impression that I could not use their forums.

    Thanks again
  • Thanks for the suggestion. We'll add it, even if it is only a OAQ (Once asked question)! ;-)

    You are more than welcome to post your questions here. With regard to the Revelation support forum, there are actually two of them. One is the "public" forum and the other is the "WORKS" forum. You still have to register for the public forum, but it is free.
  • I'm a registered user their and can log in but have not yet discovered how to post a question.
  • I'm assuming you have found your way to the Online Discussion landing page. From there you need to pick a display category. I recommend Flat by Date. Scroll to the bottom of the list of posts and there should be a link called Create a new main topic.
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