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JSON Schema Services

I see that HTTP_JSON_SERVICES includes services for defining and retrieving json schemas, as specified by json-schema.org . Is there a way to validate a json POST request against a schema, or a recommended approach for doing so? It seems one would need to build something to their requirements, or use a 3rd party tool.

Cheers, M@


  • Somewhat ironic timing that you would ask about json-schema today. In answer to your question, our framework does not have anything built-in for schema validation and I'm not sure how I would approach this just yet. When I added those services it was several years ago and was done to support a project that required a dynamically generated presentation. I fell in love with the concept of json-schema since it fit very well into a RESTful design. However, after that project we haven't been able to build this foundation out much more.

    The irony of your timing is due to a new project we are working on that I think will definitely benefit from json-schema. Hence, I'm revisiting the APIs that I originally wrote and hope to bring them back to life if not extend them. All I can say for now is, "stay tuned!"
  • Ha - good stuff! :). Fortunately the schema I'm building at the moment is fairly simple and flat, so should port well to anything you're building in the framework. I may need support of Object type properties in future though.
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