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I call this function to access my help files, I assume this is not available yet in OI10., is that correct?


  • Correct. We have not yet ported the SRP Editor to OI 10.
  • Any time frame? Or for that matter can I call the WIn API directly to do this?
  • Unfortunately no time frame as of yet. We had been hoping to use the OI 10 designer plug-in feature, but this was delayed. We were told it would come out in an early patch, but it still hasn't surfaced. Therefore, we are uncertain if this is an avenue we can use to bring the SRP Editor into OI 10. The only other solution is to port it over as a stand-alone product as it is now. Even if we go that route, the OI 10 migration tool does not work against SYSPROG which means we have to move everything over manually or redesign from scratch. Regardless, this is not a trivial effort and we've opted to pursue other objectives until some details get sorted out.

    I don't know if the help pointer is something we can easily explain how to port on its own. My engineers who support the SRP Editor might be able to chime in.
  • Just as background, the only thing I use this function for is to call into the chm file
    RetVal = SRP_Editor_HtmlHelp_Pointer(Handle, Help_File, HH_HELP_CONTEXT, AddData)
    AddData being a numeric value for the location in the chm file.
  • I assumed as much. Is there a reason you don't use the online help instead?
  • In OI 9 you can use the Utility function.
    For example:
    rv = Utility("RUNWIN", "C:\Revsoft\SRPEditor\ProgRef.chm")
    I have not yet verified this functionality in OI 10.
  • SRP_Editor_HtmlHelp_Pointer is a direct DLL pointer. Here are the stubs I use to create those functions. You can even rename them to something else if you want.

  • The only advantage to using HtmlHelpA over RUNWIN is that you can jump directly to a topic. If you aren't doing that, then Daniel's approach should work as well.
  • I am curious to see if this is supported in 64bit.
  • OK, thanks let me try this and I'll get back to you. Kevin, yes I jump to topics...

    Don, what is the online help? Is this something that is built into OI? How easy would it be to take an existing chm file and port to "online help"?
  • In this context I'm referring to the ability to call up the Programmer's Reference guide that we posted on our wiki rather than the .CHM file. Since HTML help files are no longer supported (which is why I'm very curious about how this works in 64bit), the modern approach is to publish the help online. We updated the SRP Editor so you can use both (F1 versus Shift+F1) and you can even switch which hotkey is the default:
  • Kevin,
    I tried using the functions defined and aliased above, they don't seem to work. I get a return value of zero from the function but the help file does not open.
  • You can review the HtmlHelp reference to see what might be missing. You can also try changing HHCTRL.OCX to HTMLHELP.DLL in the above DLL definitions to see if that helps.
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