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Needing to Uninstall

I just installed this program into Open Insight version 8.08 and it has disabled all my printing. When I log into the application the SRP Unicode OIPI - Unlicensed window pops up. This is before I start any printing. Then when I try and print this window pops up. I was hoping I could only activate the program when I wanted to use it.
Is there a way to uninstall the program or to disable it so I can continue using OI's original OIPI program.


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    Hello Jeff,

    The SRP Unicode OIPI can be toggled on and off. From the System monitor enter this:

    That should force the original OIPI logic to be restored and you should no longer see the dialog. To restore this back to the SRP Unicode OIPI mode, enter this:

    Of course, you should only do this on a development system or after hours when it won’t impact production users.

    One last idea, after you disable the SRP Unicode OIPI for the general users, you could then modify your code to call the Set_Printer commands on-the-fly so that only your testing will use the Unicode OIPI. I have not personally tried that as we encourage separate development and production systems but it is another idea.
  • Thank you. That fixed the problem.
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