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SRP_FastArray insert

Does FastArray have a way of appending values? Or do I have to keep track of the number of items in the array and use Insert?


  • Nevermind, I just looked the docs it supports -1 for appending.
  • Correct. The goal was to emulate all the dynamic array functions: insert, delete, etc.
  • Just hit an error.
    Calling SRP_FastArray
    sys1000 Error loading program
    Code that fails is
    Call SRP_FastArray("Insert", New_Load, -1, 0, 0, Inx)
    "Create" and "Match" seemed to work and are called prior to the above line.
  • That should be
  • Not sure what was wrong but I just installed 2.0.1 and that fixed the issue.
  • You were probably just missing the DLL stub, and reinstalling put it back in.
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