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SRP Editor v3.0.2 "bookmarks"?

I just upgraded to SRP's Editor to v3.0.2 and noticing a new feature I presume, but I do not know what it is, it appears to be a bookmark in a line in my SSP. I have a screenshot for a visual, I am sure its just a new feature that I am not aware of, but if you would please respond with a simple explanation I would appreciate it.


  • Yes, those are bookmarks. However, they are not a new feature. When is the last time you upgraded your SRP Editor? Anyway, the toggle to set or remove a bookmark is Ctrl+F2. The F2 key is your accelerator to jump to the next bookmark.
  • I upgraded yesterday from v2.9.1 to v3.0.2, after the upgrade, I went into the editor, a dialogbox appeared and said my editor was not "licensed", so I re-registered all the .ocx controls and put a fresh copy of the sprlic file into the OI directory and went back into the editor and it was registered but noticing some settings not the same as before.
  • btw - Win10, OI v9.4.x, SRP editor v3.0.2, local development so not on a server.
  • If you got a license dialog, then your settings were lost when the SRP Editor closed. Something I need to address.
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