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I have notice a drop-down menu option the v3.0.2 SRP Editor, that I have not noticed before "Install SRP Git Utility", when I click it, it goes to https://products.srpcs.com/ with no reference to SRP Git. I searched the SRP developer's forums for any information and could not find anything. Is this a new feature and do you have documentation on how to install and use it? Thx.


  • Coming soon... :)
  • Will this be OI 9.x compatible, or just for 10.x?
  • edited August 28
    While it might work for OI 10.x, we were not attempting to re-invent a wheel that already exists.
  • Oook.. next obvious question.. When?

    Do you have any documentation in the meantime?

    Client wants it bad..lol
  • I don't have a hard ETA, but it's going to be a couple months. We are working with a client now to refine it.

    There is no documentation at this point. I can tell you how it will be used. Each developer has their own copy of OI on their own machine, which uses SRP Git to synchronize OI to a Git Repo. From that point on, everything is done within Git in terms of commits, branches, pushes, and pulls.
  • Will each developer need a physical copy of OI? My client has a setup that runs on one copy, but each developer has his/her own "sandbox" (application) that inherits from the main system. They have a subsystem that currently manages check-ins, check-outs, building deployment "packages" and the like, but it is severely lacking.

    I wonder if any of that can be adapted to work with Git.
  • Kevin / Don,

    I am just now catching up with the Git conversation for OI 9.x
    Has any progress been made on this? Here in ABS we are very curious about adapting OI to synchronize to a Git Repo.
    Would love to have a conversation about it to see where this is at!

  • Hey Mark. Bernie and I are in talks about this so stay tuned!
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