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I dont see srp_path in here
did not know it existed until i noticed it in database_services then did a srp web search and it showed up.


  • It was in the sidebar navigation but somehow missed the Reference table. I updated the page to include the link. Thanks for pointing out the error.
  • Also should srp_clean_array be srp_array - plus all associated redundants
    btw: Has that just been defaulted to 'pagetree' or did I accidentally change some setting (preferred the old style)
  • The reference table should be matching the content on the navigation but it wasn't 1 to 1. I updated it but I am also going to talk to the team about maybe updating the reference to include some of the sub-category items that way you can see everything at once.

    Regarding the pagetree, you just need to press the 3 dots to switch between the two navigational modes.

  • Thanks.
    >>you just need to press the 3 dots
    OMG, how obscure is that!!
  • Actually, those three dots are a part of an entire vertical splitter. If you hover over that area up and down the page you should see the traditional splitter icon. I agree, still bit obscure but not nearly as much as having to focus on just those three little dots. :)

    TBH, I've never had a view where the pagetree was collapsed. I just never thought about this until you brought it up.
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