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I have an mdichild called Image which uses your picture control. I am using it to display a user specified image.

If I switch focus to another mdichild, I can not get focus back to the image by clicking on the ole control. Anywhere else in the mdichild works but clicking on any part of the image, which is 99% of the window does not. The mdichild does not move to the foreground not does it get focus.



  • There is a bug in the current release that prevents the control from getting focus properly when clicked. It is fixed in the next version which will be released tomorrow, hopefully. Note, however, that the SRP Picture Control can only get focus if the Layout property is set to "Pan". If you must have the ability to get focus using a different layout, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  • Using 3.0.4

    Switched to Pan mode and focus works correctly (no new version required).

    This might work as is, if zoom works. I hold down the control key the mouse changes to something that looks like it might zoom, but using the scroll wheel with the control held down does nothing, even though is larger than the window and scroll bars are present.
  • Hmm actually zoom does work, holding down the control and pressing the light and right mouse buttons zoom in and out (or be it in a very jumpy manner, not smooth). Mouse will does nothing.

    BTW ideally I like to use Shrink or Thumbnail.
  • Jim,

    What brand of mouse and driver are you using? My Logitech mouse works well with the scroll wheel. I have a Microsoft mouse at the office I can test with tomorrow.

    Also, what about "Shrink or Thumbnail" is ideal for you? I don't understand how that fits in with this thread. Are you saying that it would be ideal to be able to click on the Picture control with different Layout options?
  • Windows 7 64 bit
    Logitech Performance MX
    Setpoint version 6.32.7
    Driver version 5.33.14

    Do you have a similar version etc? I think mine is the latest but I could be wrong.

    I just called Andy (my co-worker in Boston) I wanted to see how it works on his system, I'll let you know what I find out when he calls me back.

    What I would like to happen is the image to open and fill the entire window (or at least the entire ole control). I'd like the user to be able to then re-size the window and have the image re-size to the new window size. Which would work if I used the Layout property with Shrink or Thumbnail. With Layout set to Pan, the images being viewed might well vary dramatically in size and constantly zooming in and out might make it hard to use.
  • Jim,

    My info:
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Logitech G9 Laser
    Microsoft driver (I forgot to install the Logitech driver) v.6.1.7601.17514
  • Hmmm maybe it's the Logitech driver
  • On Andy's machine using a Logitech mouse (Microsoft driver) he sees the same behavior as I do, that is the wheel does not zoom.
  • SRP Picture Control 3.0.5 and SRP Controls Pro 3.0.6 are now available for download. This might solve your scrolling issues. I had found a bug in which focus kept leaving the control, which didn't allow the mouse wheel to work correctly.
  • That fixes the zoom issue.
  • I fixed the focus issue by adding
    Call Set_Property("SYSTEM", "FOCUS", "IMAGE")
    to the OnClick event.
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