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i wanted to add the srp utilities to the list of options on the left of the OI menu and noticed that I don't have an oinsight.ini in my windows folder. How do I get one.


  • Kevin the discussion you send me to didn't help.
    I might not have given the full 411 on my issue
    I am working on a Windows 10 Pro
    I did a search on the C drive for oinsight.ini without a result.
    After reading the other post I looked at the different APPDATA folders under the users folder without success
    so I am still wondering where the oinsight.ini can be.
  • It almost certain exists somewhere. Just to be certain you've check all possibilities, here is a list of paths that we are familiar with:
    • C:\Windows
    • C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows
    • %LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Windows
    • %HomeDrive%\Windows
    • %USERPROFILE%\Windows
    Note, some of these might point to the same folders as others.
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    I wrote a quick app that will load <Windows>\oinsight.ini and allow you to edit it and save it. Since I am going through the API to get to the file, Windows should direct me to the same INI that OInsight.exe gets directed to.

    You can download it here.

    Run it. Change it. Save it. Done.

    Nevermind. There is no API for finding the virtual store on a machine, and the virtual store can be anything depending on how it was setup. Windows won't let my app write to the INI file unless I'm in admin mode, but when I'm in admin mode, it won't find the virtual store. Catch-22.

    What environment is your copy of Windows running in?
  • Good morning Kevin,
    I am running in Windows 10 pro
  • If it's not running on a terminal server or anything, then the INI file should be in one of the locations Don mentioned.
  • I just realized that I had forgotten the /s when searching my C drive.
    I have found it. It is in C:\Users\charl\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows
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