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SRP Editor vertical splitter bar

On my version of the EDITOR 2.6 - the splitter is 'hard-coded' and won't move.

What's the go with that - i want to widen the display not use the slider bar at the bottom.
you select the slider bar - arrows go lef/right - you move the slider - makes a move, yet the bar does not move.
neither left nor right works

ver 2.6 build 01/17/2013


  • Martin,

    That feature should work. I wonder what version your ActiveX controls are (not just the SRP Editor.) Can you confirm what controls you have registered?
  • Can you elaborate on what you mean by it "won't move"? Does it not respond whatsoever or do you see the overlay move but when you release nothing happens?
  • Kevin - as you say
    select the bar, the select arrows appear
    move it left / right - the select appears to move.
    let go of the mouse - the bar is still stuck in its original posn

    Don- regedit shows d:\nvzn4-devel\openinsight\srpControls.ocx - size : 14,105,088 - which is the recent copy Kevin sent me for the reporter control.
    in the status window from your own tools: version: 3.1.0 RC7
  • I should have tested it before I probed you further since it absolutely does not work on my end either. I think I know what changed in this particular pre-release build. I'll send you a new pre-release build once I get it all worked out.
  • Kevin,

    Is it his RC7 version of SRPControls.ocx? I have RC6 and it works for me.
  • Yes, RC7. It has to do with a bad GUID for the events, which is a slip up I probably made when adding the ability to create the SRPUtil.ocx build.
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