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Month view

Is it possible to display a month view similar to the month view in Outlook?


  • Currently, no. Are you using the control for scheduling or more as an appointment calendar?
  • As a way of displaying data only. No drag and drop etc. We are using it as an alternate way of displaying schedules created using my product.
  • Kevin,

    I'm curious from your previous comment, do you have an appointment calendar suggestion/recommendation?
  • I do have a recommendation: the SRP Calendar Control. Coming soon.
  • If you'd like to test your creativity, you can actually use the SRP Editttable control and "make" your own calendar. I've done this a couple of times, using it to display a day / month / week / agenda views. It takes some management, but it also provides a lot of customization options (cell merging, colors, hyperlinks, etc.).
  • Our good friend Don Muskopf did something like this a while ago. It is one of the screen shots we posted on the wiki.
  • I had done that as well purely for the reason Frank suggested; "to test my creativity" :)
    my screenshot

    Then I stumbled over Don's screen shots and felt not nearly as clever as I first told myself I was.

    I have on the backburner a project to redesign the way scheduling is done in a particular app. The screenshot is from an early prototype before it got put on the backburner. In that app, the scheduling is the centre of the universe so it needs to be feature rich yet simple to use. I was intending to provide day/week/month views as each has value in a certain context.

    I will stay tuned for the calendar control to see what goodies it brings to the table.
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