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Screen corruption

Using my laptop, I usually use it with my laptop but with external monitor. The screen
is corrupt, see screenshot.

Any ideas?


  • Are you saying that if you dragged the editor back to your laptop screen, it would correct itself?
  • No. Im normally in the office and use an external monitor. I'm in a hotel and I'm using the laptop screen which I don't normally use with the editor.
  • Not sure what to tell you. That is pretty wacky. Video drivers? Reboot the machine? Play with the DPI settings?
  • I agree pretty wacky. Let me play with it.
  • Reboot nor changes to the DPI settings makes any difference.

    If you have any other suggestions, I'll happily try them.

    Don't spend too much time on this, it's annoying but I can live with it for the few days I have to work like this.
  • An upgrade of GeForce video driver did not fix it.
  • Is it just with the SRP Editor, do all other programs look correct? Are you able to resize the SRP Editor and does that make any difference? Can you try changing the resolution or scaling?
  • Tried changing the DPI and resolution. Just the SRP editor as best as I can tell. Re-sizing the window has no effect.
  • That is very weird. If it wasn't for that being a screen shot I would say the monitor was failing as I haven't seen anything that distorted except for a failing monitor. Have you tried opening the SRP Editor in another copy of OpenInsight or maybe upgrading a copy to see if it is local to just that copy of OpenInsight?
  • It's not the lcd, every other app is fine. I think I give up, I only have to work like this for a few days and then I'll be back to using an external monitor and hopefully that works ok as it always has.
  • Back in the office, everything is now OK. It displays fine on the external display and when dragged to the laptop LCD also displays fine.
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