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Local Client Setup...for Clients!


I thought it best to break this off so I don't pollute Barry's issue.
I had a go at making a 'Local Client Setup...for Clients!' but was curious as to what your local install folder contains (and maybe why).

This is the structure I came up with that seermed to satisfy the installer:
root ae.net.mail.dll ClientSetup.exe COMCAT.DLL idxSets_Setup.exe idxSets_Setup.msi msstkprp.dll msvbvm60.dll Mswinsck.ocx oibfshelpersetup.exe oibfshelpersetup.msi oiscrctl.dll oivbgecko_setup.exe oivbgecko_setup.msi OLEAUT32.DLL OLEPRO32.DLL revelationdotnet4setup.exe revelationdotnet4setup.msi revelationdotnetsetup.exe revelationdotnetsetup.msi rtiderclientsetup.exe rtiderclientsetup.msi rvcmdctl.ocx SCIVBX.ocx uninst.exe VSPDF.OCX vsprint7.ocx windllfiles COMCAT.DLL msstkprp.dll msvbvm60.dll Mswinsck.ocx OLEAUT32.DLL OLEPRO32.DLL

If I copied this into C:\Revsoft\OIClient, this seemed to allow the installer to complete happily with the only errors being on the copying of the executables as they can't copy to themselves. I know I could get around this easily with a 2 folder system, one source directory to allow the copy from to bypass those errors and the other being the OIClient originally just containing the OCX/DLL files to be registered. This doesn't give errors but does mean I have a superfluous folder after install.
I am not fussed about about either option.

I didn't include REVCMD as you noted as I dont think I need it?

I also didnt include (as they dont get copied/registered)
Root MP3OCX.ocx Mswinsck.ocx VSVIEW3-.OCX NetLauncher_Setup.msi netoisetup.msi oipisetup.msi revdotnetsetup.msi windllfiles ASYCFILT.DLL

However, you said something about VSVIEW3-.OCX in the other forum post though so it seemed like that should be included and just registered manually?

Anything I missed or misinterpreteed that you can think of?

Finally, since we are on the subject, Are there any other SRP copy/registrations we should be doing?
Currently we only copy/register locally


  • @Opto_Will - Here is what my folder looks like:

    A few comments:
    • If you aren't running CTO or AREV32 then you don't need REVCMD. We have to be ready for anything so our image includes it.
    • VSVIEW3-OCX is an oddball file. It doesn't get registered nor can you register it manually. Yet, I believe it is a dependency for VSPRINT7.OCX and/or VSPDF.OCX so it gets included.
    • I should note that this approach is not wholly embraced by SRP staff. Some would (rightly) point out that this is not what the documentation states. Yet, I have seen too many situations where moving OI or changing the drive mapping breaks the link to registered controls. I've also seen examples where OI crashes because it is trying to access a client component through the network. Plus, I am rather certain Microsoft have published an article stating that registered client components ought to be on the workstation. I'll have to dig that back up.
    As far as SRP controls are concerned, those are the only two you need to worry about (unless you move to OI 10 and then there are the 64-bit versions).
  • That looks like a great idea.
    Do you have a batch file that runs the registrations?
    What files do you actually to run the 'registrations' for.?
    what .exes' do you need to run?
    Can all that the be put in a batch file so all you need to do is tell IT people to copy the folder to client PC/Terminal server and run the (say) OISetUp.bat as administrator.?
  • Others on my team have done or worked with IT teams to incorporate this into a Group Policy style push so that it is more automated so I'll defer to them. For my purposes, I don't use a batch file. I just run the ClientSetup.exe from the folder (as normal). Since there are only 1 (or 2) external OCX files I just register those manually. Once upon a time when we had several individual OCX files we would often use a batch file.
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    In my application startup I copy the following to c:\revsoft\client then register them
    I think some of the SRPxxx ones are superceeded by the SRPControls.OCX , which ones are they, or, more simply, which srp ones dont I need.


    Since there are only 1 (or 2) external OCX files I just register those manually.

    Are they in your list? I dont see any srp ones there.
  • I am not aware of any clients automating the ClientSetup install process as that needs to be monitored to make sure everything was successful and .NET Framework 3.5 needs to be installed as a Windows feature. I have seen a few client include all of the OpenInsight software install items as part of their workstation OS image. This allows them to deploy a new workstation with this OS image and all of the software and supporting elements are already pre-installed.

    We have automated the registration of OCX files and also keeping in sync additional supporting DLL files. We have a batch script that is part of the group policy for workstation startup. That script copies over the latest version of the OCX and DLL files from a special location on the network. This makes sure that the workstation is running the latest version that we have deployed. Once the copy is completed, the script will then register any of the OCX files that we need registered. This happens during every bootup of the workstation so deploying new OCX or DLL files is as simple as updating them at the special location and telling the users to reboot their computers. The script runs almost instantly so the user isn't even aware of it happening.

    Regarding OCX files, SRPControls.OCX and SRPEditor.OCX are the only SRP OCX files required for the SRP Editor and SRP OLE Controls. VSPDF.ocx, VSPRINT7.OCX, SCIVBX.ocx are Revelation specific I believe. I am not sure what MSCOMCT2.OCX is.
  • Actually MSCOMCT2 OCX is a Microsoft Office 32‐bit object library for Windows that is not included with 64‐bit versions of Windows and is generally not compatible with 64‐bit versions of Office. So if you are doing Office specific items, you might need that OCX.
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    @BarryStevens - That list only includes Revelation files. It's meant to be a clean install of the latest (i.e. 9.4.6) files used by the ClientSetup.exe program.
  • Thanks all for the contributions and explanations and clarifications.

    @DonBakke. Your list is similar to mine (ignoring the windllfiles copied into 'root' by install). I included oiscrctl.dll because my installer wanted it. My only follow up question to yours is, what i rev32dlg.ocx?

    Also, for what its worth for those monitoring this thread, I stumbled across this document for IT Admins. I cant remember if it was on Revelation but more likely it was yet another assist from Don/Jared.
  • I'm not sure what rev32dlg.ocx is for. I thought perhaps it was related to the CTO terminal that can be ran from the command prompt, but I'm somewhat doubtful about that.

    If I recall, that document was written by Jared when he was working for Revelation so many years ago. He'll know best and will likely confirm or deny.
  • Turns out we were both right.

    It was from Revelation, courtesey of Jared. I reviewed my past emails and Don put me onto Jared who put my onto:
    {for those that like it from the source}

  • What about SRPUtil.ocx, does that have to registered?
    is it only SRPControls.OCX and SRPEditor.OCX
  • @BarryStevens

    SRPEditor.ocx supercedes SRPUtil.ocx for all newer versions. However, SRPUtil.ocx is needed if you use any older version of the Editor.

    Kevin explains here: https://forum.srpcs.com/discussion/1039/srp-editor-3-1-0-0-ocx/p1
  • Awesome, thanks
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