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Email Confirm Receipt

Is there the ability to request a confirmation of receipt of an email and/or text message sent using the SRP Email Utility?


  • Has anyone had any issues with sending text messages to a recipient using US-Cellular?
    I've been using cellphonenumber@email.uscc.net. I have not had any reported issues with any other cell phone provider.
    Phil Hessemer
  • Regarding the read receipt, set field <11> of the Message parameter to 1. I updated the Wiki documentation to reflect this.

    I cannot help you regarding the US-Cellular issue as I have never attempted to send emailed text messages to that carrier.
  • You might want to also try @uscc.textmsg.com. I have no experience sending to that carrier, but a carrier list that I use has that as another option.
  • My doc only goes up to field 10. Can I get an update to the latest SRP Mail Utility?
  • The SRP Mail documentation can be found here. If you need to download a newer version of the SRP Mail Utility, here is the downloads page.
  • Phil,

    The latest version of all products are available on our Downloads page.
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