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OIWORKS section of RTI's website

The past couple of days, I have been experiencing issues with RTI's website, I have attached some of the anomalies I have incurred. It was suggested that something is timing out when displaying the webpage. I was wondering if someone has some suggestions and/or steps to trace the route from my desktop to the website. I have done some analysis, as I had a recent Win10 update (patch Tuesday) and a Firefox update to 69.0.1. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA, Stacy


  • Stacy,

    I have been running into similar issues and even some you did not document. I believe Bob C posted on the RTI forums last month that they were doing some updates to their website. My guess is that some of those updates have caused some issues. The odd thing is that it seems to work fine for some users and then not for others. I also have success at certain times and then other times the site gives me major issues. For example, I am unable to post nor view entries on the boards nor the bug tracker at the moment but I was able to yesterday afternoon. I just sent an email to Revelation about an hour before you posted so hopefully that will help them track down some of the issues.
  • Corby - thank you for your information, yes, I experienced exactly what you mention above. I did not document all the issues I have encountered, I was trying to isolate and just document a specific task. I concur with your assessment, but need necessary diagnostics to specifically identity the culprit. Is my connection compromised? did the Win10 update bumped something? did the Firefox update throw-up? did RTI's website changes bump something? not sure. So wanted to see if others have encountered the same and if anyone had suggestions on diagnostics to identify the root cause of the issue, as I no longer have access to RTI's OIWORKS forums. At least someone besides just myself is encountering this issue, as that helps with diagnostics. Thank you, Regards, Stacy.
  • Have you tried removing all their cookies, then try again.
  • To all who are monitoring this thread, Mike Ruane posted the following today in their own forum:

    We believe the eStore and Discussion forums are back up and running, but we've lost all changes made since September 16th.

    If you made a post, or entered a bug or suggestion, and would like it to appear again, we ask that you please re-enter it.

    Thanks for your patience, and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

    Mike Ruane
    Revelation Software

    If you are not monitoring Revelation forum threads then you might not be aware of this post. We are still seeing some issues on our end. Please try to connect again and let us know if you have still having issues. We'll raise the issue with Revelation Software.
  • Thanks for the update Don; I wish Revelation would have let us known this issue versus telling me to clear the cookies in my browser. I sent them many error messages I was encountering include gateway (502/504) errors, I did a trace-route/ping results -- etc, but all RTI said was clear the cookies. I had cleared cookies way before asking anyone for help. I ruled out all aspects on my side, yet when I asked on SRP's forums and I emailed RTI (info@), I was told to clear cookies. The issues with RTI's website has been intermittent since mid-August and then the website would just not work at all for the past several weeks. I wished RTI would have sent an email blast or something to us to let us know they were having trouble with the website, versus leaving us in the dark. For those of us who could not even launch Revelation's website, we never got the message above. It would have helped, as that way, I would have known it was not my side and that Revelation was working on it. As my end-result was, no more access to OI forums anymore, I stopped using revelation.com as it no longer worked. I only got gateway errors or secure connection failed. This wasted a lot of time and money. Now when I go to revelation.com its a parked page with just some basic information; RTI did mention they were re-developing the website and it will be down for a while. Does anyone know of an ETA? Thanks.
  • This parked website is new to us as well so we have no more information that what you have. Not that this would have helped you, but Revelation did post on their Facebook page about some of the problems. However, like you said, a more proactive notification system would have been more useful.
  • I saw this on their website today:

  • edited October 2019
    Based on what has been happening when I would go to revelation.com since mid-August, I have/had suspected ransomware. When I would land on the revelation.com page, my anti-tracking and other security layers on my workstations and browser did keep popping up issues related to an attack, but when I sent the information to Revelation, they just kept telling me to "clear cookies". When SRP relayed their FB posting above, claiming that they lost forum postings since 09.16.19, I kinda already knew, ransomware (as I know RTI has backups and could recover from backups, unless, ransomware), but that does not negate my request/concern/issue. If not wanting to disclose they got hit, that is fine, but again, something more pro-active to let users/developers know, that continued diag/debugging their website was wasting time and/or, when a developer does send them information suggesting there could be a security issues or the like, maybe check it out vs telling the developer to "clear cookies".
  • Yes, I also got "virus" popups whenever I went to their website.

    In general though, their website was really slow and the UI was hard to navigate. They should just copy the SRP website, which works perfectly.
  • Timely article about ransomware:
    Of course the big tip is to have offsite/off network backups, guess revtech didn't have that.
    also think it's a bit annoying that they are throwing all developers under the bus by plugging their consulting services on the 'temporary' site.
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