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  • Thanks Kevin. We will give it try..
  • We tried using only the eventname but then the PosChanged event didn't com through, maybe because PosChanged is also used with OI controls. We now register with "OLE." and now all events can be handled.
  • OLE-events should be registered with OLE.[Eventname] ,. In the Schedule control are also some events that can be canceled, so we made them synchronous.
  • It was no criticism. Just a tip, helping the community.
  • Hi Kevin, We are glad you found out why our SRPControls don't work as expected. Qualifying of events happens in one peace code in our application. That's why we use "ALL_OLES". Earlier we tried asynchrone for all events but that messed things up. We…
  • Hi Kevin, We installed the version from the products-website. We see the same behaviour. We created the test-window in SYSPROG No promoted events in SYSPROG We also included SRP.EDITTABLE in the test We test-run the window from FORMDES. (not as mdi…
  • We just went back to srpControls version Users report problems like program stops working, forms closing spontaneously, typing not possible, documents don't open, etc.
  • Hi Kevin, We are at 9.4.0 Most of our windows are mdi-children. We do use promoted events. We just found out that the issue is triggered when a row in the control was clicked when it has no has no focus . We made a form with a button and a reportt…
  • We went from version to and see different behaviour in reporttable. In version when we double-clicked some row then that row would open. In version the top-row opens. The version historie gives us no clue. We se…
  • Yes, then it works. Thanks
  • Oops. Typo in previous message, lets try again... We get 4 decimals with this formatting: #.##0,00 OInumber = 1234.56 Output in reporttable shows 1.234,5600 expected output = 1.234,56
  • We get 4 decimals with this formatting: #.##0,00 OInumber = 1234.56 Output in reporttable shows 1.234.5600 expected output = 1.234,56
  • Most formats work for any locale. Dates work fine already. It is only the punctuation for numbers you have to address we think.
  • Thank you for the update. We will work around the bug for now. Please let me know when the fix is ready. Regards, Ed
  • Thanks for the confirmation. What happens next? Do we get a solution?
  • hmmm, If we download the picture from our first post, the image shows up correct. Looks like the image is processed when downloaded. The original is attached in zip
  • Hey AusMarkB, If we load the image the cell remains white (cell background color) But in your example we see the image. Did you process the image first? Or is it the one we provided (unchanged)? Ed
  • Hey Don! I am sure the openengine service was restarted. Maybe I only restarted the dev-engine. After a re-restart it looks like everything is woking now.
  • Hold on. It looks like it's solved now....
  • HELP! After installing the latest utlities.... In an openengine service we have SRP issues.. SRP_ENCODE break on line 67 SRP_DECODE break on 62 SRP_MATH break on line 89 Are there dependencies?
  • After update to the latest SRP Utilities the issue is gone. In the version history after 2.2 we only read that "Validate" was added to srp_json. Thanks again for the help.
  • we are at 2.2.03. We wil update and try again. We let you know. Thanks for now.. Ed
  • Because the variable AR was filled in code the insignificant 0's were stripped by OI. We tried this ar = "12.12#14.14#13.10" ar<2> = ar<1> convert '#' to @vm in ar ar = srp_sort_array(ar,'DN1',0,@fm,@vm) We got the variable AR back wit…
  • We misread the "N" option for sort-method in the documentation. We just thought the options were just like in OI "L" or "R". Sorry about that....
  • Correct, the errors came from v3.2.0 . We have made plans to upgrade the machines at the customers site.
  • Oops, At Van der Laan we are at version The error was reported from a customers site. version 3.2.0 Thank Don
  • Configuring the engine and the php-script took me some hours. What do you mean with "turning on UTF8 on dynamically"? We run the engine now with "UTFPortNumber" The idea is that we can use utf_ansi after we pulled the values from json.
    in UTF8 vs ANSI Comment by keeman July 2021
  • Super! Thanks....
  • Problem solved. We put one column more in the list then the "Columnlist" property was set up for. "Columnlist" had 16 columns, we put a list in the control with 17 columns. Once we corrected that the "FindString" method started to give row numbers…
  • Oops, maybe not so great... We see names of dutch weekdays, but the names are on the wrong day. Today on march 23 we see do or donderdag but it should be wo or woensdag.